Taste of Kuta, Indonesia

It has been more than a year since we were in this tropical paradise called Bali. From a string of travels in China and Vietnam, we ended it in Bali, right before the lockdown. It was such a strange time to be abroad. While the whole world was shutting down, nobody knew how long this… Continue reading Taste of Kuta, Indonesia

Day After Day

In the morning, time seems to stretch as I am nestled in my warm bed and soft pillows. As I get up, the wooden floor cracks and whines wherever I step. It might be annoying for some, but I find it more charming. Indeed, I have a disdain for things that are too perfect, like… Continue reading Day After Day

The Notion of Heimat

Heimat is the place you don’t have to explain yourself: where you feel comfortable, where people know you, where you belong. Heimat means home. It is where you take refuge when things go bad in your life and where you feel grounded, centered. Heimat can be your hometown or someone. It can be a feeling or a state of mind or even movement. It's all relative to the person. In the end, it is whatever that vibes with your energy. Sometimes, you find it in the strangest of places.

Summer Evening in Montréal

It feels quite good to see friends face to face again. Every now and then, we go for a picnic at the park or on a mini hiking trip in the Canadian forests. What better for enjoying the end of the summer? Wednesday evening, we went to one of our favorite vegan restaurant: Lov. Nested… Continue reading Summer Evening in Montréal


This is a year of mass introspection and self-reflection. Undoubtedly, it is a gut-wrenching transformative time to rethink about our personal lives and our place in the society. The world is going through a rageful realization that it is slowly breaking apart. Educating oneself is the start of healing it. The pandemic is forcing us to change the way we work, socialize, love, heal, grieve, live and challenges us with being stuck with ourselves. And now, time was given to us unexpectedly. So much time thinking and turning thoughts side to side and upside down. Between our four walls, we rethink over and over about the next big leap. I used to dance with so much ease around uncertainty. But now we are faced to the fragility of the aging parents, of the long-distance friendships, of the nearby love relationship, and of the world itself.

Potato Head

Katamama Hotel designed by influential Indonesian architect Andra Matin In the beginning of this year, architecture firm OMA's luxury hotel completes the Potato Head in Seminyak, Bali. A beach club and two resorts already set the ground for the second phase of the project. Here, hospitality is a medium to captivate the attention of the… Continue reading Potato Head

Ubud, Indonesia

When people speak about Bali, they most often refer to Ubud, the heart of the island. It is known as a spiritual and soul-finding destination as so many Balinese Hindu shrines and temples can be found everywhere. The day-to-day of a Balinese is woven of Hinduist rituals and celebrations, whether it is for the entertainment… Continue reading Ubud, Indonesia

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is imprinted in the Western mind as the 1930's exotic fantasy of the East. Today, the city is showing off its bustling streets, futuristic skyscrapers and buoyant nightlife. It appealed to me as a rich cultural hub for many international artists as well as local ones. The most acclaimed spots are the Long Museum… Continue reading Shanghai, China

121 Days

January: Shanghai, China A week before the Chinese New Year, a friend text me, slightly concerned. There are some news going around on Chinese social networks about a virus infecting people in Wuhan. As the days pass by, the media is quickly gaining momentum. In Shanghai, my colleagues and I are worried but we believe… Continue reading 121 Days